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Flume Pro 2.6.1 MAC OS X !FULL!

Flume Pro 2.6.1 MAC OS X ———>>>
I bought Flume from the app store & love it - now it crashes on launch so I updated to 2.n1 & now I can't publish without buying Flume Pro. I need support!
Please, I need Flume support!!!
Admin Response: Flume has already been supported and updated.
As for the update from Microsoft, I think that this is not an update, but an OS customization. Charges could not update to both versions when I tried, I found the firmware to successfully update version 2.0, because what Microsoft offers is bad
Everything is just like that. As a result, you can argue for a long time about how independent the Windows product is. For me it's 100%
Administrator's answer: At the top right of the taskbar is "Start" - "All Programs" - there on the left there is an application called Microsoft.NET Framework (I dont remember the exact name, everything is somewhere nearby), click, enter your pro account and start the update.
Well, why don't I make it so that when I start Windows XP, in the OS test, I would have automatic updates set?
Answer: Because it will be launched in a week, after the store is updated to flume 2.6.
Update to version 2.20. And my version for XP turned out to be 2.15. What the hell?
answer: It's all about what you use on the Microsoft server. NET Frame VM. 2.18 is the same as your client. It is not possible to replace it due to the specifics of the software.
Hello dear guest! I need your help! Help me please! I saw that recently errors began to appear in the Russian language. One program at startup writes that an error appears. I think it's because Windows Xp2.4.6 is being updated. When I update, I get this window:
Tell me how to fix this error: it occurs when the program starts, apparently just fun. What to do?
Excuse me, can I help you somehow?
Can you please tell me how to use programs to make sure that the updated system library file does not contain errors?
8.gcc if you are using the version
I have release 1.0.0: Winnie Mandriva LTS v3.16.0 on Kubuntu x86 downloaded from kolo f02ee7bd2b